Lessons Learned from 5th Graders

Lessons Learned from 5th Graders

A friend shared a wonderful story from a recent Children’s Sunday School class. The day’s Bible story was John the Baptist; the scene was prison. John was discouraged so the class was tasked with writing letters to him in lockup.

They talked about Jesus; imagining they were there to see the things Jesus had been doing. They witnessed His miracles, saw Him heal the sick; restore hearing, give sight to the blind and even saw Him raise the dead...

Then they wrote to John to encourage him

NOTE: Misspellings and capitalization errors have been preserved for authenticity

Dear John,
Do not be discouraged. The Christ our Lord is most definetly our savier. Put all of your faith into us, we will surely make Christ know. Leave the message in our hands and we will spread the good news.

Dear Joht the Baptist,
Jesus is here to save us! He made a blindman see! He made the disabled He made the dirty walk! He makde the dead live! walk! And He will save US!!!

Dear John,
your teachings were true! Jesus has come! He has done all sorts of things like healing people or even bringing people back from the dead. He healed a man who was blind, he is real!

Of course, there were funny ones… 5th graders after all!

Dear Jhon
Dood your head is going to be cut

Dear John the Baptist,
it’s to bad your in jail. Jesus is doing good things. Like, talking me to chucky cheeses. Maybe when you get out he will take you to chucky cheeses. Uncle bob wants me to say, “Have fun in Jail.”  (Followed by a picture of Uncle Bob with a Mohawk, giant earrings, and a goatee).

And then, it was personal...

When it was time to share out loud, one little girl stood out from her peers; one little girl struggling in life and family opened her mouth and shared...

Dear John,
You were right, Jesus is who you said He is.
He is giving the blind sight, healing the deaf, and raising the dead.
He gave me a family, He gave me a second chance.
He is good.

I wonder, how many of us are in dire situations and all we need is a reminder that Jesus is who He said He is, He’s a miracle worker and that He is good! May the lesson from this 5th grader bless and encourage you today!

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