Introducing Juli's NEW book; Redemption

A Verse by Verse Walk Through Hebrews

Today, marks a special day for me as I unveil my new book called Redemption; a journey that began over three and a half years ago. Many of you joined me as I blogged through the amazing book of Hebrews on a quest for a deeper revelation of Jesus. Understanding of what He did as He ushered in the New Covenant has blessed my life and continues to bear fruit. I am thrilled to have this study assembled book form as many of you have asked for the material over the years. 

About the Book 


Jesus Changed Everything!

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(370 pages; ISBN 978-0615862293). Is there a difference between the Old and New Covenants? As believers, should we follow Jewish laws and customs? Why don't we sacrifice animals when God commanded it? These are valid questions many Christians ask. To gain understanding, we must look at it in light of who Jesus is and what He did. This is because Jesus changed everything!

The entire Old Testament spoke of and looked forward to the time of Christ. He is the subject of the redemptive theme running throughout the entire Bible, it has always been about Him. The book of Hebrews is the story of Jesus; now that He has come, we can appreciate life in a new and wonderful way.

His short time on this earth changed the course of history forever. His entrance into humanity was the pinnacle of the ages. He came to show us God in a living and breathing way; a way we had not previously understood. God's entire nature was made manifest and revealed in the person of Jesus Christ.

Understanding the book of Hebrews, God’s marvelous story of redemption, will change your perspective in so many ways. It will answer some of the big questions about God that Christians ask. It will reconcile the differences in the covenants and give you a clear and true picture of God and what it means to be redeemed.


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I Highly Recommend This Book

"I highly recommend this book. Juli dives into Hebrews one, two & three verses at a time and lays out God's amazing plan of redemption through His Son Jesus. Along the way she masterfully pulls in other scripture from both the Old & New Testament to help the reader understand what the author of Hebrews is trying to relay. I often found myself digging deeper into other parts of the Bible through this scripture referencing. If you want to better understand what Jesus has done, why He did it for you and what this means, please go read this book."

~by eman
(Editorial Review from an Amazon Reader)


Wonderful, Helpful Notes on Hebrews

"Just received my copy of Redemption and am finding it so helpful and full of nuggets from God's Word. If you are studying Hebrews or better yet, want to understand in depth, the completed work of our Lord Jesus on the cross, this is a must have book for you."

~by Joyce
(Review from an Amazon Reader)



"Excellent communication and am sure it is Holy Spirit inspired. It was ablessing and I highly recommend it."

~by Roger Hudec
(Review from an Amazon Reader)



Very Helpful Study!

"I'm doing a Bible Study of Hebrews at Danbury Independent Living. This verse by verse study has been very helpful!

~by Wesley Burns
(Review from an Amazon Reader)

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"Juli Camarin!!!! I am sitting here reading your book "Redemption- a verse by verse walk through Hebrews" and you are blowing my mind!!!!!" ~ Christie Moehlis Folkerts; (Facebook )

"Just started your book and I must say...I absolutely love it! I can't put it down! Well done!" ~ Sara Cox (Facebook)

"Second time through your book on Hebrews, and I am even more amazed! Bless you for making it so much easier to understand than I ever dreamed!!!" ~ Suzie Marten Hatch (facebook)

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