Summary of the Book of Titus

Summary of the Book of Titus

The book of Titus was written by the Apostle Paul to Titus, his true son in the faith. He writes to give instruction and encouragement to Titus who had been left in charge on the island of Crete. Paul’s main objective is to encourage Titus and give instruction about goodly living.

Titus 1 - Instructions About Elders

Titus 1 opens with Paul’s instructions to Titus concerning his mission in Crete. Titus was to appoint elders in each town to serve the churches, so he gives instructions about elders and the qualifications for their appointment. He reminds them that their behavior and households must be above reproach and above all they must hold firmly to the trustworthy message they’ve been taught. Paul then expresses concern at the reports that some were teaching things that ought not to be taught, causing confusion and trouble. Paul gives Titus instructions to rebuke them sharply and to pay no attention to Jewish myths or to the people who reject the truth.

Titus 2 - Sound Doctrine and Sound Behavior

Titus 2 starts with a charge to teach in accordance with sound doctrine. Paul then gives instructions for different groups of people on how they should act and behave. After each instruction it is made clear that the purpose is so no one will malign the word of God by their behavior. So that in every way the teachings about God will be attractive to those witnessing because Christ gave himself to redeem us from all wickedness and to purified a people eager to do good.


Titus 3 - Instructions for Godly Living

Titus 3 closes with a reminder that it is by God’s mercy that we are justified through grace. We are now heirs having the hope of eternal life. This is what Paul reminds Titus to teach, warning him to avoid foolish controversies and arguments, because they are not profitable. Instead, the truth of God’s mercy is profitable for everyone and will spur us on to doing what is good. Paul closes with instructions for Titus to help those coming to him and to live a productive life.

As you can see this is an important book for the church to understand and practice. We are to be strong in what we teach so that our lives and teaching will be attractive to others.

May you be blessed and inspired as you read and study the book of Titus.

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