Summary of the Book of 3 John

Author: The Apostle John; The Elder
Date Written: 90-95 AD
Major Theme: The proper standards of Christian hospitality.

The third letter by John, was closely akin to a personal letter. It was written to Gaius a possibly a member of John’s congregation. It is similar to 2 John in that he addresses the ideas of hospitality. In 2 John, the apostle warns against welcoming false teachers into their homes. However, is this epistle it appears that known and approved itinerant teachers were refused hospitality. John writes to encourage Gaius, who showed the proper reception, while giving instructions about Diotrephes who was slandering the apostle and excluding from the assembly anyone who welcomed these ministers. 2 & 3 John are the shortest epistles in the New Testament. 

3 John 1 - Welcome Faithful Ministers of the Truth

3 John 1 opens with a personal greeting by the apostle John to Gaius. John then commended him for his faithfulness in opening his home to welcome traveling teachers of the Lord. He reminds to welcome such men so as to partner with them in the truth. John then warns against the destructive behavior shown by Diotrephes, who was spreading lies about the apostle, refusing to welcome these men and strongarming anyone who did. John closes the letter expressing a desire to come to them and talk face to face.

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