Summary of the Book of I Timothy

Summary of the Book of 1 Timothy

The book of I Timothy is a letter by the Apostle Paul to Timothy, Paul’s true son in the faith (vs. 2). Paul entrusted Timothy with leading the church in Ephesus. He strongly reminds him of his objective which is to squelch the false teachings by those who teach the law, promoting controversy instead of faith. He then instructs Timothy with practical advice on how to lead this assembly. He ends by encouraging him to continue to fight the good fight and to guard carefully what has been entrusted to him.

I Timothy 1 - A Warning Against False Teachers

I Timothy 1 opens with a personal greeting by the apostle Paul. Paul reminds Timothy that the law is good if one uses it lawfully, which is to condemn. He then reminds of the grace of God using himself as an example. Paul, the worst of sinners was shown mercy so Christ’s unlimited grace would be displayed. Paul ends this chapter encouraging Timothy to fight the good fight and to keep his conscience clear.

1 Timothy 2 - Instructions on Worship

I Timothy 2 reminds that we are to pray for those in authority so we can live peaceful and quiet lives. We learn and important truth that God desires everyone to be save and to come into a knowledge of him (vs. 4). Paul finishes with specific instructions to the women of this church to dress modestly and to learn about the faith.


1 Timothy 3 - Choosing Overseers and Deacons Wisley

I Timothy 3 is a list of the characteristics that both the overseers and deacons in the church must have. They are to manage their households well in order to likewise manage the house of God well. Paul gives these instructions so they will know how to conduct themselves in God’s household.

1 Timothy 4 - Advice for Timothy

I Timothy 4 is a warning to observe the times. Mentioning that some will abandon the faith and follow things taught by demons such as forbidding marriage and abstaining from certain foods. However Paul reminds that everything is created by God and should be received with thanksgiving. He then encourages Timothy to train to be godly, to devote himself to reading the scripture and preaching and teaching. He encourages him to watch his life and his doctrine closely.

1 Timothy 5 - Honor and Care for Widows

I Timothy 5 gives instructions about caring for widows in their needs. Paul advises that their families should first and foremost take care of them. However, if a widow is without family she is trusting in God for provision and the church ought to take care of her. He also gives instructions about elders, and then finishes with practical advice for Timothy.


1 Timothy 6 - Paul’s Final Charge to Timothy

I Timothy 6 is a reminder to be content and to pursue godliness. He instructs Timothy to flee from the desire to acquire wealth and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness. Once again he tells Timothy to fight the good fight and to take hold of the eternal life given him. This letter ends with Paul reminding Timothy to guard carefully what has been entrusted to him.

This book is full of practical instructions for the church and her leaders. May you be blessed and inspired as you read and study the book of I Timothy.

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