The Book of Romans

The Book of Romans

The Book of Romans is a masterfully written exposition on God’s grace and the righteousness that comes by grace through faith. This book (a letter) is the foundation of the entire Christian faith. The Book of Romans covers a multitude of topics including grace, salvation, redemption, righteousness apart from the law, justification of sinners, sanctification, freedom from sin, freedom from law, eternal salvation, living by the Spirit, Israel’s acceptance of God’s righteousness, holy living, and, of course, the deep and profound love of God in Christ Jesus.

“The overarching theme of Romans is the righteousness that comes from God; the glorious truth that God justifies guilty, condemned sinners by grace alone through faith in Christ alone.” ~ John MacArthur

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This Is Why I Love this Letter

No book of the Bible has had a greater impact on my life. I spent 2009–2010 writing verse by verse through this letter and it changed my life. As I refresh and repost these writings, I hope to share my real-life struggles and the deep ways that Christ has brought change into my life because of these truths. Please join me on this journey!

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