Summary of the Book of II John

Summary of the Book of 2 John

Author: The Apostle John; The Elder
Date Written: 90-95 AD
Major Theme: Remaining true to the basics of Christianity & to be discriminating in showing hospitality.

This second letter by John, was written to an individual and her children. It deals with the same thoughts and instructions of I John, so it was possibly written around the same time. John writes about remaining faithful to the fundamentals of Christianity and then gives instructions about using discernment when showing hospitality. False teachers were infiltrating believers homes and spreading lies. John warns that love and hospitality should be shared within the confines of truth, not as universal acceptance of those claiming to be believers. II & III John are the shortest epistles in the New Testament. 

2 John 1—Use Discernment in Hospitality

2 John starts with a greeting by the apostle John, an elder who was well advanced in age. He opens with instructions to be obedience to God’s command, which is to walk in love. He then switches gears, giving a warning against welcoming false teachers into her home. Teachers who deny Jesus Christ as coming in bodily form. He lets her know that, while hospitality is expected of her, it is okay to use discrimination against those who are seeking to destroy the faith. He closes the letter by expressing his desire to come and visit her in person further discussing these things.

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