Kingdom Work Carries Eternal Weight

Kingdom Work Carries Eternal Weight

The story below comes from the Wycliffe missionaries JC Blog support in South East Asia. I wanted to share it on this blog because I believe it will move your heart. This story and especially the picture are amazing reminders that kingdom work carries eternal weight. I hope it encourages you to participate and support those whose call is missionary work and Bible translation. 

*Names and locations have been changed to protect the families serving in these countries.

Dear friends,

Today was a sad day. Our avionics technician Seni went to be with the Lord yesterday, and today we buried him.

Death is such a strange thing here. It happens so much more frequently that we ever experienced in the US. Seni was 37 years old, had 3 young children, and died of Tetanus of all things.  After reviewing all the facts of what happened, it was clear that his death could have been avoided had he only talked with the right people at the right times. In the end, it came down to knowing too little too late about the disease, a lack of good medical care, and a lot of suffering.

The attached picture was taken just a couple of years ago when the Una New Testament was dedicated.  Seni was there and was so thrilled to finally have God’s Word in his language.  He knew what he believed and lived his life for Christ.  If you remember when we were on our last furlough, we shared over and over about the Una New Testament dedication.  That was Seni’s village and language group.

Please keep Seni’s wife and 3 children in your prayers as they struggle through the grief of it all. As you go through your day, just remember that people die every day.  It is so frequent here.  Unbelievable in many ways. They need Jesus. Thankfully Seni had that. Pray.


Can you imagine living most of your life without your own Bible let alone a Bible available in your language? For many tribes this is still a reality. Can you imagine facing the hardships of illness and death because of a lack of knowledge and medical attention? For many this is life. Please consider making a donation to support these Missionaries who bring the Word of God to people who do not yet have it. Donations can be made through Wycliffe International. Thank you!


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