Disappointed by Unfulfilled Desires

Hi Juli,

Please counsel me on how to remain joyful in the midst of not having my greatest desire manifest? How do I remain focus on Jesus and never let the unfulfilled desire of my heart (it almost dominate my thoughts daily) take first place in me?

What is the simple but practical steps that I can take daily or momentarily to avoid falling away from God and people (who have what I want) all because my greatest desire is taking a long while and I feel disappointed.

Next, would you please also share with me or recommend me some readings on praying in the spirit please?

Thank you Juli.
Regards, Faith

Dear Faith,

Thank you for contacting me and trusting me with this hard question. Periods of waiting in difficult circumstances is where faith is tested and refined. It’s not just the ideas and doctrines of our faith that are challenged but the very core of our belief system. It is a process that has the power to defines us. What will we choose? Will we stand firm in faith or will we give in to disappointment and give up?

Like you, I too am in a hard period of waiting. I have waited and believed for children for over ten years. It is difficult, it is painful and like you said, sometimes the disappointment is overbearing especially when all around others have it. I went through a hard period about a month ago when I felt like giving up and giving in, my hope was gone and I didn’t know if I had the energy to care anymore. It was a low I had not experienced before. I came to a point that I had to start talking about it and what I found was an opportunity to speak faith, and as I did that, my heart heard what what I believe at my core and hope was restored.

Hebrews 11:1 says, “faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”. Faith is a substance. Which means there is something true and real in it. It is the vehicle to get you from where you are to where you want to be, to what you are hoping for. But we have to be certain of it and we have to protect it. We have to be in a place where no one can talk us out of it. Through all of this, I have decided to believe these things….God is faithful, God is good and God’s intent for me is love. God’s promise of children is true for me and God’s promises are yes and amen. In my life, these are the things that protect my heart from being disappointed while I wait.

My favorite passage of scripture in the entire Bible is Romans 4. It is marvelous because of picture of God’s faithfulness. Abraham and Sarah had waited for the promise of Isaac for a very long time and it gives us a perfect example of what to do in these circumstances. First, it shows us something awesome about God, verse 17 says, “...the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were" (Romans 4:17). Abraham was given the promise when the physical reason for it was long gone. However God is the one who gives life to the dead and calls things into reality. Think of creation, God started speaking light when there was only darknesses. He did the same with Abram when he changed his name Abraham, meaning the “Father of Many Nations”. God did this with us when we were dead in our sins, he started calling us redeemed and alive which was realized in Christ Jesus. He is the God who gives life and calls things alive before they exist in the physical. The same is true for you and your circumstances! You have the power to speak life into them!

So here’s the application, look at Abraham’s response, "Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, "So shall your offspring be. Without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that his body was as good as dead-since he was about a hundred years old-and that Sarah's womb was also dead. Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised" (Romans 4:18-21).

When hope was gone, he got some supernatural hope. Then he counted it done and started rejoicing as if it has already come to pass. In faith, he looked into the future a saw the promise fulfilled and rejoice even when it hadn’t yet manifested in the physical. He was persuaded that God would make good on his promise. And then he waited 25 more years but because he looked to the promise instead of the circumstances. Supernatural hope overtook him and carried him through until he saw the down payment of the promise in Isaac.

That is powerful, it is not easy but it is the starting point. I’m unaware of your circumstances but just because you haven’t seen them in the physical doesn’t mean anything. I would encourage you, whatever your circumstances are to start seeing and thinking of them as done and start rejoicing and praising God as if you have already received them. (It is easier said than done, I know) but this type of faith will be the substance to carry you through to where hope is realized (Hebrews 11:1).

Rejoicing and praising God will keep your mind off the circumstances and on Him and His power to bring it to pass. It will also protect your heart from disappointment (Proverbs 2:23). Lastly, focus and meditate on the promises of God related to whatever you are facing. There is something beautiful in knowing what is yours in Christ Jesus, it helps to build faith and immovability when well-meaning people try to talk you out of what has been purchased for you in Christ Jesus.

Lastly, share your disappointments with the Lord, be honest with Him and then listen intently to His voice. Let Him speak some truth to you, let Him give you perspective and let His peace overwhelm you.

Stay encouraged and be blessed my sister! God is Good and God is Faithful!

In Christ,

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