If Jesus is God, Then Why Did He Not Know the Time of His Return?

Thank you, Juli.

I have another question that baffles me. I truly believe that Jesus is God even though it still boggles my mind. What I do not understand is since Jesus is God, then why did He not know the time of His return (Matthew 24:36)?

I would like to also add a comment...

I understand that many scholars might answer my question along the lines of Jesus having two natures, therefore, implying the statement in Matthew was made from his "human" nature, if you will. While this may be true, you have to feel me when I say this sounds very simplistic or convenient when trying to defend it.

I just want to be able to defend what I believe and the "human nature" theory simply does not stand up to scrutiny.

What say you?

Hi Mike,

Great question! Well, certainly He was fully human like you mentioned. He had to be to redeem mankind legally (www.jcblog.net/hebrews/2/5-8/why-does-pain-and-suffering-exist). He was also fully God at the same time, which like you said, baffles the mind. However, one important thing to understand that might help to sort this out, is that when Jesus came to earth, He fully emptied himself first ( Philippians 2:7 ). Which if you study out it means that He laid aside equality with God. Think about it this way, he laid aside all divine knowledge which is why Mark said he found himself in the scriptures ( Luke 4:17 ). Knowledge of who He was came through the scriptures, he wasn't born with it (think about Him as a boy in the temple asking questions) Which is also why Jesus had to be anointed with the Holy Spirit in order to do all that He did ( Matthew 3:16, Mark 1:10, Luke 3:22 ). He didn't have any divine power before that happened. So, it wasn't just that his human nature was the reason he didn't know the date, it was that he was born under the same dominion as mankind, with every disadvantage so everything would be legal when redemption was finalized. In summary, the time and date of his return (second coming) was a hidden mystery at the time and hadn't been revealed yet to anyone yet.

Now notice after His resurrection He clearly knows this information, Check out Rev 1:1, after He ascended and and sat at the right hand of God, God told him this information and the revelation was passed to John.

Another thing is that with Jesus' ascension came the knowledge of hidden mysteries. Remember there are things that were hidden mysteries until Christ ascended and the Holy Spirit was given. Paul discusses these mysteries throughout his letters But look at II Corinthians 2:6-16, to help with this idea, notice vs. 7 says it (mysteries revealed) was destined for our glory (the church) and vs. 10 says it is revealed by the spirit, which was given at Pentecost. All of this happened only after Jesus ascended.

I hope I explained this well enough, it is a great question and takes some time to process and search the scriptures for. Let me know if you have any other insight as you continue looking into it! I love to hear it!

Have a great night!


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