Who does Paul say is true Israel?

Hi Juli Camarin,
Good morning. Help is taken from your web-site in the area of Word of God, which is to be praised. I am Master level student of theology, and have one question, if you could help. In Roman, Why does Paul say is true Israel? Thank you and take care.

In His Love and for His Glory.

Hello Nawab,

Thank you for your question. Paul said in Galatians 3 that everyone who believes in Jesus is of Abraham's seed ( Galatians 3:26-29 ). He said in Romans 8 that anyone who had the spirit of God were his children and heirs of the promise ( Romans 8:14-17 ).

I hope I answered the questions you were asking... If you are looking for more specific information concerning Israel, then you can visit what I have wrote about it in Romans 11.

Have a wonderful day and God bless you!

Thanks, Juli


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