Healing Videos on YouTube... New Age?

Hi Juli,

I see a lot of YouTube footage of people laying on hands and healing in Jesus name, how can I know if these people are new age with it please?


Hi Dave,

Well I would say both laying on of hands and praying in Jesus' name is very scriptural. I do believe God heals today and I believe without a doubt that it is His will to heal. 

This is what I would suggest in evaluating what you see. First, does it aline with scripture? I would suggest studying out what the Bible says about healing and look at the accounts in Acts to gain some insight. Then as you are watching videos things pay close attention and ask the Spirit for discernment... He'll find a way to confirm it.

Secondly, I would be weary of showy/dramatic type things. Every experience I've had with being healed or seeing someone healed it is very orderly. Sometime it is immediate and sometimes it takes a few days. Which is why having a scriptural understanding of it is really important so you know what to expect and how to receive it and protect it.

Here is a few awesome Bible teachers that I've learned a lot from; especially when it comes to healing.

1. Charles Capps - charlescapps.com; Check out his 'How to Pray Scripturally' audio sermon. It is one the most simplest but amazing teachings I have ever heard

2. Andrew Wommack Ministries - awmi.net; He has tons of free audio teachings and there are lots about healing. Here is also a link to his Bible College; http://www.charisbiblecollege.org/watch-charis-live He invites a lot of guest teachers that are awesome; looks like they've recently been doing a series on healing.

3. Greg Fritz - gregfritz.org; Seriously one of my favorite teachers in the body of Christ. All of his stuff is good and full of revelation. He's got a few series on healing also; haven't heard them but I'm sure they are amazing. I have heard His 'Faith Speaks' series and it is exactly what I needed to hear while waiting also.

I do know and trust these teachers listed above. I hope and pray you find the answers to the things you are looking for. I know God heals and I know He is faithful... two great truths to remain in as you search and wait.

Have a blessed day in Christ Jesus,


Juli Camarin

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