What Does it Mean For Our Hearts to Condemn Us?

Hi Juli!

My name is Gisella and it was such a huge blessing to come to your page today. I came to know the Lord about two years ago. Also, I was reading through your blog and I feel I could relate so much to what you were saying. When you broke down your mission via Jeremiah 1, it was so encouraging. I can be fearful of speaking God's truth in boldness because I fear I will be rejected and then I'll doubt what God told me to do. I really need to ask God to help me in this area.

I know God so badly wants to speak through me, but often times I hold back and wait for the perfect timing. This is usually with my family though. Sometimes I feel like if I don't share the Gospel perfectly, I've failed at my responsibility. Also, I really feel led to start a a video blog! so it's awesome that you have one :)

Also, what does it mean for our hearts to condemn us?

May God's love, peace and joy be over your day!

by His grace,

Hi Gisella,

Thanks so much for contacting me and the kind words! They really blessed me today!

Thanks for sharing your story with me. I have no doubt that the Lord has and will use you mightily! Even Jesus had trouble around his family, since they all knew who he was from birth, they had trouble relating to him as the Christ, they only saw him as their family member. This of course changed over time and they realized who he was and believing in Him, His brothers became leaders in the early church. Just keep at it, looking for each opportunity. And most of all, remember that they will notice how you live and see Jesus in your life, this speaks volumes! Most times more than words. Over time it will give you credentials to be able to speak the truth to them! You haven't failed at your responsibility. We are to make disciples, not converts and living your life for the Lord day by day is one of the best things you can do for that!

Also, the words you speak when sharing the gospel are spirit-filled words, they hold power in themselves ( Romans 1:16 ) Delivery doesn't matter, God can and will use them mightily!

Our hearts condemn us when we feel guilt or condemned about something that is contrary to the truth of God's word. For instant maybe we feel guilty over a sin or mistake, our self-condemnation can keep us from approaching God with confidence because we are aware of our mistakes, even though the Bible clearly teaches us that we shouldn't have a sin-conciousness or guilt because Jesus has forgiven us. His grace always overcomes our sin! Look at I John 3:19-21... it's awesome news! Also, here are a couple of articles I've written to help explain this.

Approaching the Throne of Grace with Confidence (Hebrews 4:16)
Romans 8:1 –No Condemnation in Christ Jesus
Romans 8:31 – If God is For Us Who Can Be Against Us?

Blessings to you!
In Christ,


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