Worthy of the Gospel—No Grumbling (Video Teaching)

Worthy of the Gospel—No Grumbling

Watch this video teaching by Juli entitled Worthy of the Gospel—No Grumbling*

Are we pre-conditioned to grumble and complain?

Complaining is a natural default for many, but Paul observes in the Book of Philippians that a mark of Christian maturity is doing EVERYTHING without grumbling or complaining (Phil. 2:14-15). 

This teaching will hit many people right between the eyes as Juli examines the devastating effects of constant grumbling and complaining. She will offer three practical steps on how to be “complain-less.” She finishes with a message of hope for those of us who struggle with grumbling and complaining.

*Juli taught this sermon at Orchard Hill Church on March 6, 2016.

Audio Version

*Audio version is the same as the video.


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