My Mission - Bottom Line - IT IS GOD, NOT ME!

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My Mission is to speak forth the Word and watch the Lord perform it
Lesson #1 - God loves me. God created me, set me apart and consecrated me for his special purpose.
Lesson #2 - It is God who qualifies
Lesson #3 - It is God who gives me the words to speak
Lesson #4 - You have to tear down before you can build up
Lesson #5 - It is God who performs His word
Lesson #6 - People and doctrine will come against You
Lesson #7 - God is my courage and won't put me to shame
Lesson #8 - God has made you strong, nothing will overcome you, he will rescue you

As I read back over my lessons from Jeremiah, it is awesome and my eyes are opened. Everything starts with God is, God has or God will do. Today I am blessed by my calling in life. I am honored knowing God has created me for a purpose and a destiny. I am thankful that he has equipped me. And I am looking forward to seeing it come to completion in Christ Jesus MY LORD! Amen and So Be IT!


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