Three Things Were Accomplished—Romans 4:25

"He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification" (Romans 4:25)

Jesus accomplished so many things upon the cross. Through him, we have total victory over sin and death. Paul stresses in this verse, that there are three very important ideas and truths to take away with us and understand. First, Jesus was betrayed and deliver over to death as the payment for our sins. Secondly, as he was raised to life, he conquered death once for all. Lastly, he ascended to heaven to acquit us before God and declare us justified before him.

Although it is true that Jesus was betrayed and delivered over to death, it is equally important for us to recognize that he had authority in the matter. He life was taken, only because he had already laid it down for us. We were without hope before God because sin had corrupted us, but Romans 5 says, "... when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous man, though for a good man someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." ( Romans 5:6-8 ) We were without hope and enemies of God but Jesus still laid his life down for us, to take away our sin once for all. ( Hebrews 9:28 ). Through his death, sin had been completely paid for.

The resurrection of Jesus is the pinnacle of history as we know it. Jesus is the first person to rise from the dead and conquer death permanently. Romans 6:8-9 says, "For we know that since Christ was raised from the dead, he cannot die again; death no longer has mastery over him. The death he died, he died to sin once for all; but the life he lives, he lives to God. " He conquered sin in his sacrifice upon the cross and then he conquered death in his resurrection from the dead.

Lastly, after his ascension, he now intercedes for us at the right hand of God. Hebrews 10:14 says, "because by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy." So the end result for us if we believe in Jesus by faith, is justification. Justification is the act whereby Jesus makes us completely holy before God. To do this he not only forgives our sin, but he imparts righteousness to us, so that it is as if we have never sinned.

Both Abraham and David saw glimpses of this incredible feat that Jesus would do for us and they called us blessed. Today, if you believe in Jesus as your savior then have complete victory over sin and death because he purchased it for you. Today, we are completely blessed having been redeemed from the curse of the law and made righteous and holy before God. Praise Jesus for his love and this precious gift to us.

Righteousness is Credited to Us As Well As Abraham—Romans 4:23-24

"The words "it was credited to him" were written not for him alone, but also for us, to whom God will credit righteousness-for us who believe in him who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead" (Romans 4:23-24)

Why was Paul so careful making sure he mentioned that the result of Abrahams faith extended to us? The Scriptures say that, "Abram believed the LORD, and he credited it to him as righteousness." ( Genesis 15:6 ). Paul is noting that the same credit of righteousness is extended to everyone who firmly relies in Jesus as Lord.

Abraham's faith was a conduit of the righteousness that God bestowed upon him, but his faith rested in the promise. The promise extends to us because the promise referred to the Messiah. Abraham saw a glimpse of this and knew that the Salvation of the world would come through his heir. Fortunate for us, God extends this hope of salvation to everyone who believes in Jesus. Romans 2:11 says, that God is no respecter of persons (KVJ). This is a great thing because it doesn't rely on who we are or what we do, it only relies on the person and the grace of Jesus.

There is a caveat however. To have righteousness credited unto your account you have to believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. To the natural man, this is utterly ridiculous and hard to understand. On the other hand, many people confess this, but their confession is merely words. The Amplified Bible explains what truly believing is... to believe you must firmly rely on, trust in and adhere to what you confess. We can take lesson from Abraham because he was fully persuaded in the promise and because of that any doubt that remain was overpowered by his faith. To have God's righteousness credited to us, we have to be fully persuaded that He raised Jesus from the dead, and we have to believe this by faith.

Today, I praise God that we have Abraham as a powerful example of faith. I praise God that the blessing he received extends to us. I am so thankful to have obtained this righteousness apart from the Law, which is by faith. The same faith working in all who believe in Jesus. What a marvelous thing!

Credited as Righteousness—Romans 4:22

"This is why "it was credited to him as righteousness" (Romans 4:22)

Abraham was the only saint in the Old Testament who was called a friend of God. Abraham pleased the Lord greatly, but it wasn't because he was good or even because he was living a holy life. In fact Abraham did some things that would raise our eyebrows today. But nevertheless, he pleased the Lord because he lived fully immersed in faith.

Hebrews 11:6 says, ‘without faith it is impossible to please God..." so the opposite is also truth, with faith it is possible to please God. The rest of that verse goes on to say, "...because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him." ( Hebrews 11:6 ) Abraham was a living example of this, he knew the Lord intimately and because of it, he was convinced that God was capable of everything he had promised to him. God loves that kind of faith!

The Bible is God's love letter to us. He has done everything that can possibly be done to redeem mankind. The Bible is God's promise to us. In the same way that Abraham believed what God had promised him and was credited with righteousness, we too, need only to rely on the promise within His word and what Jesus did to obtain right standing with him.

Abraham believed and exercised his faith in God and received right standing with God. In the same way, we also only need to put our faith in Jesus and firmly rely on him as our personal savior and then God credits us with that righteousness that solidifies our standing before him. Today if you have done this, then you, like Abraham, are also considered a friend of God! What a blessed thing!

Faith vs. Doubt; You Decide Who Wins—Romans 4:20-21

"Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised" (Romans 4:20-21)

Hollywood plays off the struggle between good and evil. Many epic movies have been created around this force that continually battles for dominance in the heroes lives. Each entity pulling in opposite directions until the stronger force wins and conquers.

We romanticize this idea and love to watch movies about it, but the idea behind the battle of opposites is not a new thing. The Bible records many such adversaries from the beginning of time. One example of this rivalry is that of faith and unbelief. We downplay this dichotomy in the modern day church, however doubt and distrust is the great antagonist of faith.

Faith and doubt move in opposite directions and fight to cancel each other out. Whatever substance is stronger will see the results. Jesus chided the disciples in Matthew 17, because their lack of faith. He told them that they needed faith as small as a mustard seed and then nothing would be impossible for them. However they let their doubt overpower their faith and rule the situation. It is possible to have both faith and doubt at the same time. So if all you need is faith as small as a mustard seed, then it is also true that your unbelief must be smaller than the amount of faith you possess to win.

How then, does this happen? How can we remove unbelief and exercise our faith when it matters most. We can learn a lesson of faith through Abraham. The scripture tells us that Abraham did not waver or question the promise of God. Because of it, his faith grew stronger. His faith was able to overpower any distrust and unbelief that he had. The Bible tells us that it was because he did not consider the circumstances, he only considered the promise and the one who had promised it.

Secondly we see an important truth, Abraham's faith rose up on the inside until he couldn't contain it and he started praising God in the midst of the situation. He considered the promise as fulfilled so it was a natural reaction to thank God in during it. Do you want to see faith win in your own life? Start praising the Lord for how he is moving on your behalf while he is moving. Do you have any doubt in your heart? Glorify God in the midst of it and that doubt will have no room to stay and occupy. Faith will take over and rise up on the inside of you until it fully conquers its adversary.

Lastly, from Abraham's example we see that he was fully persuaded that God was going to deliver what he has spoken. Have you ever tried to argue with someone who is entirely convinced that they are right? It is a mute point. It is impossible to argue with them because they won't consider any other possibility. To operate in faith, we must be like that. We have to be so convinced that God is doing what he has spoken that no one can talk you out of it. Circumstances do not matter because you are fully convinced. Chatter and opposition does not matter because you are fully convinced. Unbelief and doubt does not matter because you are fully convinced and persuaded that God has the power to do what he's promised.

Believe God's promise to you. Don't look to the circumstance, only to the promise. Let faith swell on the inside of you cancelling out all doubt. Praise God in the midst and be fully convinced that you will see the promise manifest in your life. This is how to operate in faith. Today, may these words bless you as you step out in faith and believe God, Amen!

Let Faith Arise—Romans 4:19

"Without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that his body was as good as dead-since he was about a hundred years old-and that Sarah's womb was also dead..." (Romans 4:19)

This passage of scripture is utterly amazing and profound! We are witnessing the law of faith in action. Paying special attention to this will help us see results in our own lives. Abraham is the father of many nations because he had the kind of faith that stood firm until the promise was fulfilled.

The Promise was that Abraham would be the father of many nations ( Genesis 17:4-5 ) and that the whole world would be blessed through him ( Genesis 12:3 ). This promise also speaks of the Seed of Abraham as the Messiah ( Galatians 3:16 ). The problem was that Abraham was nearly one hundred years old and impotent. His wife Sarah, was and had always been barren and was also ninety years old. So this verse gives us amazing information to consider when the problem seems to outweigh the promise.

Like Abraham we cannot focus on the problem, instead we need to focus on the promise. The King James Bible puts it this way, "And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sarah's womb..." ( Romans 4:19 ) The facts were it was impossible for them to have a child. But the scriptures say, he did not consider the facts only the promise. In Hebrews 11, also known as the 'Faith Hall of Fame', it notes that Abrahams faith rose up because he 'considered him faithful who made the promise.' ( Hebrew 11:11 ) and by that he was able to overcome any doubt from the circumstances surrounding the problem.

Abraham, because he knew God, was able to disregard what seemed impossible. Instead of doubting the promise he let his faith override his unbelief. He did not consider why it was impossible he only consider the one who promised him and knew that he was faithful to deliver. To operate in faith, you and I must focus on God's promise to us and discount anything that hinders you believing in that promise.

When we look to God, and focus on him, then circumstances will fade into the background. Today, I pray that you trust God with what he has spoken to you. Believe and consider him faithful to perform his word. In doing so, you, like Abraham and Sarah will reap the benefits of your faith.

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