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Why is God Vengeful in the Old Testament?

Written by Juli Camarin on . Posted in Q&A from Readers

Why is God Vengeful in the Old Testament?

Dear Juli,

I am trying to figure out something. I have a friend who seems to be searching. She reads the Bible a lot. But she seems to think God is a bigoted angry meanie in the OT & a nice softie in the NT. She even teaches a Bible study at her church! Bev is in Exodus. She cited 32:27. She asks me, "Why did God tell these guys to kill their own families? The law He just gave said not to kill & then He turns around & says to do it to folks that they love, not even in a war with or anything!” Sadly, I could not answer her. Stuff like this confuses folks.

Hoping for an answer,

Hi Suzanne,

Yes, this is something that many struggle with and are confused about. It is easy to misunderstand God’s actions in the Old Testament unless we understand a few things...

Why Do You Seek The Living Among the Dead?

Written by Juli Camarin on . Posted in Topical

Why Do You Seek The Living Among the Dead?

Today is Easter. Today all over the world people will take time to celebrate the most significant event in history, Jesus’ resurrection. It is something I personally look forward to and spend time preparing for. I love to read each gospel account and imagine myself in the middle of the events unfolding. It makes it personal and real; it helps me celebrate this day.

This year, as I read through the gospel of Luke I got to the account of the resurrection; the women had just returned to grave with spice on the first day of the week. They were prepared to use them in preserving Jesus’ body. However, when they got there, they found the stone rolled away and there was no body. While they were pondering this, two men, whose clothing was as white as lightning appeared and asked, “Why do you look for the living among the dead?” (Luke 24:5b).

My thought, “Why wouldn’t you look for Him there?”

Jesus Defeated Death & Made a Public Spectacle of it!

Written by Juli Camarin on . Posted in Colossians 2

Jesus Defeated Death & Made a Public Spectacle of it! (Colossians 2:15)
“And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross” (Colossians 2:15)

There is an account in the book of Judges where the tribe of Judah was sent to fight against the Canaanites (Judges 1). As they set out, God delivered the Canaanites and Perizzites into the Israelites hands. When they captured the Canaanite king solidifying their victory, they cut off his big toes and thumbs then paraded him as a conquered foe.

While this practice seems foreign, it was very effective. First because the king had no big toe, he would never be able to stand and fight again. Secondly, because he had no thumbs, he would never be able to hold a sword in battle again. Lastly, because he was on display as a defeated king striped of power and dignity, if he ever tried to assemble an army he would be discounted immediately. He has been overthrown, defeated, publicly shamed, humiliated, conquered and crushed.

Not only would he never be able to raise an army again, everyone who saw him would know what had happened. In the same way...

Jesus Overthrew, Defeated, Publicly Shamed, Humiliated, Conquered & Crushed Death!

Sin’s Claim Was Nailed to the Cross

Written by Juli Camarin on . Posted in Colossians 2

Sin’s Claim Was Nailed to the Cross (Colossians 2:13-14)
“When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your sinful nature, God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins, having canceled the written code, with its regulations, that was against us and that stood opposed to us; he took it away, nailing it to the cross” (Colossians 2:13-14)

In the garden, God told Adam he was free to eat of every tree except from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because death came with that tree (Genesis 2:17). The literal translation means, ‘in dying you shall die’. This of course means many things, but one thing we as humans experienced was a continual deterioration into the grasp of sin. It utterly and completely defeated us, killing us in the process.

That’s the bad news; the good news is that God made us alive with Christ! God started speaking redemption over humanity the moment Adam sinned. When we were dead in sin, God made us alive in Christ! He did this in two ways; first by forgiving our sins and then by blotting out the written code that accused us.

Jesus Obliterated Sin’s Indictment Against You!

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