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"I have been on your blog and think it's beautiful and think your writing is very Spirit-inspired" ~ Wayne

“Love it Juli! I love waking up to your blog! So blessed by the gift the Lord has given you. So thankful we can have life and bear good fruit because of His son” ~ Cindy

 “Juli, I have read your mission statements and thank God for it! I am a 65 year old man, married for 44 years, father of 2 sons and a daughter and grandfather of 7 young ones. In my search this morning for answers to Paul's Romans 7 struggle I happened on your website and began reading. That was several hours ago. I have bookmarked the blog and will continue to explore it. I am lifted up by what I have read and for that I thank our Heavenly Father. Thanks” ~ Russ

 “Thank you for your inspiring explanation, revelation, of the Sabbath rest in Christ. My study bible comments;- our Sabbath rest in Christ begins when we trust Him to complete his good and perfect work in us. You have expanded on this and given me a fuller and joyful understanding.” ~ Maggie

 “Wow!! Thank you Julie, you are articulating the revelation Holy Spirit gave me proof that ours is not a God of confusion” ~ Gail

 “A loud Amen and Hallelujah!!!” ~ Ruth

 “This scripture really inspired me to dig more into the word of God. His promises are enormous, I believe. And it could be quite easy to abide by this. Lots of distractions are keeping me from this precious and simple practices. Please pray that He that has started opening my eyes will perfect it in Jesus name. Amen” ~ Asuquo

 “This is wonderful. Satan no longer has power over my life because he was disgraced, put to shame, disarmed, was made a public spectacle... Thank you JESUS” ~ Stephanie

 “Great post Juli... Been Blessed” ~ Isaac

 “Thank you for sharing the Word og God with us. I have been blessed by your lessons, God has set me aside to teach his Word, by I don't feel qualified. I will continue to study your lessons.This was right on time because I have to teach a lesson in Children's church this Sunday.” ~ Chankisa

 “Thanks for sharing your story. So many people are not willing to be open and listen to what Holy Spirit is communicating to them. "He told me to celebrate his death and not be sorry and grieve." Awesome.” ~ Philip

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