If New Priest = New Law; What is the New Law?

Hi Juli,

Only just now caught up with your comments on Heb 7:12, re a change in the law, which I fully concur with but seemingly not many do!

For some time I have been wrestling with the classical reformed view of the ‘third use of the law’ namely using the Decalogue as the guide for life.

My concern has been the great propensity we have for sliding into legalism and self-justification, just as the Jews did. I keep coming back to the two laws Paul mentions, ‘the Law of sin and death’ and ‘the Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus’, and that living in the latter, is the natural state of the regenerate. Sanctification should be of the new creation life just as much as regeneration is its beginning.

Have you become aware of and what are your thoughts on Brian Rosner’s take on how Paul not only viewed the Law, but applied it in Christian living, namely by repudiation, replacement and reappropriation.

Your comments would be appreciated

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Where is the Unbelief In My Prayer?

Where is the Unbelief In My Prayer?

Dear Juli,
re: your statement:

"God, if it’s your will, you can ...’ This is unbelief masked as faith, it will not work. Friends, first before you pray, find out what God’s will is (Rom. 12:2), which we can know because we have the mind of Christ (I Cor. 2:10, 16) and He’s revealed His will through His Word. Know what He’s promised and then ask in faith believing it will happen (Mark 11:24; I John 5:14-15).... Just Saying!"  [ Read Orginal Article Here ].

'God, please use me as a living sacrifice to be a witness to Jesus Christ and to lead others to you as it is in your will'

Where my dear juli is the unbelief in my prayer?

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Healing Videos on YouTube... New Age?

Hi Juli,

I see a lot of YouTube footage of people laying on hands and healing in Jesus name, how can I know if these people are new age with it please?


Hi Dave,

Well I would say both laying on of hands and praying in Jesus' name is very scriptural. I do believe God heals today and I believe without a doubt that it is His will to heal. 

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Can You Recommend Good Study Tools?

Dear Juli,
I am interested in learning the historical context in which the Pauline epistles were written & learning what was going on in his world at the time. What order were the new testament books written in? Have you any suggestions for some good sources (which I can afford) from which I can research this?

Any help will be such appreciated!


Hi Suzanne,

I think the best resources for historical information and details about each letter; when it was written, who it was written to etc. is a study Bible and also Bible commentaries. The Life Application Study Bible is one I used several years back and enjoyed. And for commentaries, I have also used the Believer's Bible Commentary and I've also used the McArthur Bible Commentary. I don't always agree with him on doctrinal stuff (like gifts of the spirit, etc, He believes all of that has passed away) but the background information is always good. I used both of these resources for years. 

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