To Mutually Encourage—Romans 1:12

"...that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith" (Romans 1:12)

I find it amazing that Paul was excited to impart spiritual gifts to the Christians at Rome because he knew it would mutually benefit both groups of people. Paul was looking forward to receiving just as much encouragement as the Romans would from their new gifting. I believe this was because Paul had witnessed first-hand what an incredible change the baptism of the Holy Spirit can bring and was eager to see it explode with the Romans.

Have you ever been around someone totally on fire for the Lord? As soon as the passion ignites people will come from all around to watch you burn. The effects of the heat and flame spreading like wildfire among those who witness it. The early Christians were like this and news soon spread about them.

These early Christians accomplished great and mighty things in a few short years. They evangelized the known world within a matter of three decades. How this happened was with the signs and wonders that followed the early Christians from place to place as the word was preached. That is why Paul was excited to visit the Romans and pass on spiritual gifting so the Romans there could join in the revolution.

For the rest of his life, Paul would hear stories about the Christians he ministered too and remember back to the time when he was with them and be encouraged and overjoyed at what he heard. As you share your faith today and grow in grace and gifting, remember to share your story with other brethren so that you can be mutually encouraged by those things which are shared.

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