All For His Name Sake—Romans 1:5

"...Through him and for his name's sake, we received grace and apostleship to call people from among all the Gentiles to the obdience that comes from faith" (Romans 1:5)

Recently at work, we have been conceiving a name for a new business endeavor. As we embark upon this task it is proving extremely difficult. We want a name that embodies our business philosophy, describes our services and provides insight both to what we value and to what we will deliver. We want our name to summarize who we are because a name says everything...

The same is true for our mission and calling as Christians. The name we have been given says everything. In Philippians 2, Paul tells us that God was so pleased with Jesus' redemptive work and so completely satisfied with His atonement for our sin that He gave Jesus the 'name above every name'. As Christians we also partake in the benefits of the association with that name. We are called Christians because our foundation and faith is built upon Jesus our rock and chief cornerstone. The name we bear says everything...

Grace is a beautiful thing and it is for Jesus' name's sake alone that we received it. Grace is unmerited, unearned favor and kindness. It is not something we can obtain on our own and It pleased Him and glorified Him to grant this grace to us when he redeemed us.

When we receive this grace we also received a commission to proclaim this good news and free gift to people everywhere. This mission is not an obligation but a privilege to glorify the very name that we have been called and saved by. Calling people from all walks of life into this new and living way of life stems from obedience to the word of faith we have heard, in accordance to the power and purpose of the name of Jesus.

Even as our new business name embodies everything we hold dear, the name of Jesus encompasses who we are and our purpose and mission of this life. Recognizing and calling upon the name of Jesus is the single most important thing you can do in life. Today, if you have never believed in, adhered to or trusted in that name, I pray that you will call upon it and receive the same grace of the many saints who came and called before you. Amen.

Juli Camarin

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